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Safari Extensions

A while back Apple introduced extensions for the Safari 5 web browser. Fortunately, they also provide a one-stop shop for acquiring new extensions here [https://extensions.apple.com/]. I tend to want to run a lean system with as few extensions and software as possible, but I may make an exception or two for extensions like Firebug and […]

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What’s All The Fuss Over Google’s Chrome?

Okay, I get it. Google has a new browser and we’re all supposed to go crazy with joy. I will agree that it is very fast and looks clean. Mac users should take a look at¬†WebKit while we wait for a Mac version of Chrome. Why do we need another browser..? We don’t, but Google […]

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New Version of Safari is twice as fast!

There is no other way to say it. Holy cow is this thing fast! I am currently testing Webkit build r30090 against standard Leopard Safari 3.04. This unoptimized WebKit build version is running circles around the standard Safari browser. It isn’t even close. read more | digg story

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