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Text-Based Adventure Game Built Into Your Macs Terminal

Thank you for this one. You wont need to download anything here. Just type the following into Terminal, and the game will launch automatically. emacs -batch -l dunnet If youve never played a MUD before, you’ll find that its actually pretty intuitive. For example, you start the game standing on a road with a […]

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Dine Out for Free

This one take some┬ádiscipline, but it works great if you have a credit card with a rewards/points program. First you need to accumulate points quickly. You do this by paying all of your bills with your credit card. From groceries to telephone, you’ll gain points more quickly than you thought possible. You just need to […]

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Movie Tickets

You can save a bit on the price of going to the movies by purchasing your tickets from CostCo (membership required). Recently, we were able to save $3.00 per ticket by taking advantage of this little-known discount. The website has a 5 pack of tickets, but you can purchase the exact amount you want when […]

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