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My Favorite Note Taking Apps

I’ve include some tutorial videos that helped me become more familiar with each of my recommendations. Apple Notes Apple has really stepped up their game with Apple Notes. It’s a great option for Mac and iPad users. Everything is synced through iCloud and it’s free. Obsidian I’ve only recently started using Obsidian and I have […]

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Get $10 off coffee

$10 off Atlas coffee club:

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Set up Plesk Server on Vultr

I recently followed this tutorial from IdeaSpot on YouTube which completely covers how to set up a Plesk hosting server on Vultr. It’s an excellent guide which includes email configuration as well as hosting your domains with SSL from LetsEncrypt.

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My preferred hosting providers 2022

1.  Vultr Vultr cloud hosting is unbeatable at just $6.00 per month. I’m currently hosting two sites and several mysql databases on a Plesk server. The service runs incredibly fast and reliably. I love the flexibility with having full root access. The price is great, but you manage everything yourself so if that sounds daunting, […]

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Encrypt and Password Protect a .zip on a Mac using Automator Service

I recently needed to provide some sensitive documents to someone and the quickest method was email. However, I wanted to secure the contents (even just a little) before sending. I was able to quickly complete the task using the Terminal and entering the following command string thanks to an article I found on First […]

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Testing on VPS


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SecurityNow covers BitCoin CryptoCurrency

Steve Gibson first covered this back in February of 2011. Amazing how significant this has become. List to the episode: Show notes: It was rebroadcast recently on TWIT.TV as the Story of Bitcoin. Really helps to better understand how it all works.

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Drafts looks like a handy productivity app

So often I just want to jot down some text and then decide where to put it. Drafts for iOS looks like the app that fits the need. Capture and Share!

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WordPress Slider Plugin

In need of a slider plugin for a business website and a friend recommended RoyalSlider. Looks great. Anyone else using this? Is it worth the $20? The templates look nice.

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Moving your iTunes library to a new computer

I recently helped a friend with a new computer. I found this handy guide from Apple to help with moving his iTunes library from his old PC to his new Mac.

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