Mac Boot Camp

I’ve been doing some listening and reading from the mac community on their take of the new mac boot software from Apple. For those of you still living in a cave, Boot Camp is the new (beta) software from Apple that allows any of their new Intel systems to dual boot Windows XP along side OS X.

The buzz seems to be focused on whether Apple is considering a move to the (dark side) Windows OS. I don’t think this is the case at all. In fact, I think they are doing this for two reasons. 1 – It will allow a portion of the market gain the rewards of OS X while still being compliant if their company requires a windows system. 2 – Others will realize that Windows is inferior (overhead, performance, interface and most importantly security) by being able to compare the WinOS on their mac hardware. It’s only a matter of time before many Dual-Boot Users realize the risk they are putting themselves in by running WinOS. Sure OS X could get a virus, but everyone agrees that is far less likely than on a Windows system.

My opinion (for whatever it’s worth) is that Apple is looking to sell even more of its product. Mac Boot will help in a number of ways – attracting the dual boot power user and restablishing that OS X is a better OS with the casual win xp professional.

Now my only fear is that one of the next releases from Apple will be iLife for Windows. If that happens – start to worry. 🙂

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